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University of North Carolina cleared of charges by the NCAA

This is a joyous day for Tar Heel fans

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Gonzaga vs North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Today the NCAA finally released their ruling for UNC’s academic scandal case. It has been years of investigation, speculation, headaches, banner-chasers, and now it is finally over.

So this means that the banners are coming down right? Scholarships will be taken, post-season bans will be in place for 2018, and the Carolina blue sky has fallen down on all of us.

Here was the NCAA ruling:

At the end of what was deemed the biggest academic scandal in history, it turns out that the NCAA couldn’t find that UNC did anything that violated any of their rules. The first Notice of Allegations stated that they were looking into many violations including lack of institutional control, and by the end of it all they mostly focused on impermissable benefits. Once it was discovered that more of the general student body took these classes than student-athletes, this inevitably became an open and shut case.

Here is an exerpt from the report the NCAA released:

“While student-athletes likely benefited from the so-called ‘paper courses’ offered by North Carolina, the information available in the record did not establish that the courses were solely created, offered and maintained as an orchestrated effort to benefit student-athletes,” said Greg Sankey, the panel’s chief hearing officer and commissioner of the Southeastern Conference. “The panel is troubled by the university’s shifting positions about whether academic fraud occurred on its campus and the credibility of the Cadwalader report, which it distanced itself from after initially supporting the findings. However, NCAA policy is clear. The NCAA defers to its member schools to determine whether academic fraud occurred and, ultimately, the panel is bound to making decisions within the rules set by the membership.”

My dear UNC fans, this is a day that you should celebrate to the fullest. Hug your children, kiss your wife, tell a stranger that you love them. Also, make sure you come to Late Night with Roy Williams tonight and make sure you get there early because it will be one of the biggest nights for Tar Heel Nation in a long time, National Championship win aside of course.

Finally, to all of those that begged for banners to fall, harassed fans about students “not going to class”, and the ones that led such a focused life the past few years that they became overly invested in UNC’s business and wanted nothing more than to see the house that Dean Smith built burn to the ground, just know that you have not been forgotten. Let us send you off in a way that is typically reserved for certain institutions within the Triangle.

Go to Hell.

Go Heels!