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UNC Football: Highs and Lows vs Georgia Tech

There weren’t many highs and the lows were plentiful. However, we take a different look at the game.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This season has turned from optimistic, to disappointment, to painful. Yes, what we saw on Saturday was terrible, but we have a young team with a lot of holes. This may (probably will) end up being a long, arduous season filled with what-if’s, how-come’s, and plenty of “face palms” and head scratching. We need something to smile about, though, and if we can’t laugh at our own shortcomings, we just might go insane.

Let’s look back at the (not-so-serious) highs and lows of the match up with Georgia Tech:


The temperature

At the start of the game, the temperature in Atlanta, Georgia was an unusually warm 85 degrees with very little cloud cover. Maybe this is what caused Chazz Surratt and Brandon Harris to throw those interceptions? Sweaty palms on a football are no good. It probably also had something to do with the defense’s inability to stop the triple option, as well. That sun is blinding, you know. Especially if the other team is wearing all white.

The number of #FireFedora tweets

Many people pushed to see a change at quarterback during the second half. With a little over a minute left in the fourth quarter, those wishes were granted when Harris checked in for two plays; a hand off and an interception. Promptly, many of those asking for a quarterback change began positing that Larry Fedora was the problem of this team and began demanding that he be shown the door. It’s as if Coach Fedora injured those 13 starters himself. Twitter is full of Division 1 caliber coaches.


The number of starters actually starting

North Carolina is missing 13 starters for the season. There are so many injuries, they could almost compete in a 7-on-7 scrimmage of their own. We’ll call it the “Bubble Wrap Bowl.” Maybe we will just make it two-hand touch, or just set something up on a gaming console. Whatever is done, just please don’t let the basketball team drink the water in Kenan Stadium.

The re-sell value of UNC football tickets

If you have never been to a North Carolina football game in Kenan Stadium, now is your chance to get a sweet deal on tickets! If there’s one thing about losing, it’s that people will give up their tickets (and usually for less than face value). I’m sure you could snag a few tickets to the games against Virginia or Western Carolina (and maybe experience one of the few wins this season) for you and your friends.

On a serious note:

Tom Sheldon continues to impress, but a punter impressing with multiple punts per game is not ideal.

Jordon Brown and Jonathan Sutton had some nice runs, we need more of this.

North Carolina didn’t go scoreless. (Silver linings, folks.)