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UNC vs. Virginia Tech - Player of the Game: Dogs

UNC lost to Virginia Tech. In unrelated news: dogs are cool!

Nicholls v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Against Virginia Tech, literally nothing went right for North Carolina.

The offense got absolutely nothing going and gave up two VT defensive touchdowns. The defense tried admirably, but they still end up giving a boatload of points. Despite that, it’s tough to pin that much of this game (and this season) on them. Tom Sheldon and the punt game, which has been reliable and a genuine strength for UNC this year, got some solid punts off. However, even they had one blocked and another returned for a touchdown.

You’ve heard people say “the score wasn’t an accurate representation of what happened.” In this case, the 59-7 score was absolutely exactly what happened. It was all bad.

You know what’s not bad? Dogs.

This is my dog, Boo, and he is a good boy.

Instead of talking about the game at all, we’re just going to look at pictures of him. I hope that’s okay with you.

He is very fond of falling asleep in strange places and/or weird positions.

I know you’re probably not happy about Saturday’s game, or UNC’s football season in general, but have you considered how small he looks in this picture?

What’s that? Okay, someone in the back asked to see him looking adorable wrapped up in a blanket. Sure thing!

Yes, this is a website about UNC athletics, so you may very well be wondering this has to do with sports. To that I say, here:

Thanks for reading this very important Tar Heel sports content.