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UNC Basketball: Tar Heel Blog Season Staff Predictions

How will the reigning national champions fare this season?

Gonzaga v North Carolina Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Tar Heels are about to embark on their title defense season following an amazing run to last year’s championship. With one of the best point guards in the country returning, in addition to a three-point threat transfer and leadership from the likes of Theo Pinson and Luke Maye, it’s easy to be optimistic about Carolina this season.

I asked the Tar Heel Blog staff to fill out a series of predictions about the upcoming basketball season. They were asked everything from what the final regular season record would be to who would emerge as ACC Tournament champions. Here’s how everyone answered:

These answers are, well, all over the place. Except for one. No Tar Heel Blog writer thinks anyone except Joel Berry II will be the team’s MVP, obviously.

Writers picked the Heels to finish anywhere between first and third in the ACC this season. Records ran anywhere from 26 wins down to 22 regular season wins among the staff’s guesses. Popular picks for the team’s best win fell somewhere between beating Notre Dame and beating Duke.

Just three writers thought the Tar Heels would take home the ACC Tournament crown, but last year proved that doing so doesn’t get you out of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. It’s definitely not a prerequisite to winning it all.

Because we are mostly homers, a fair few selected the Tar Heels to repeat as national champions. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, so keep that optimism alive as long as possible. Rest assured that Alan will receive a stern talking to for his blasphemous pick.

So, that’s how the THB staff thinks the season will shake out. Feel free to leave your own predictions, or critiques of ours, down in the comments below.

Go Heels!