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NCAA Tournament 2017 schedule: Game times, TV channels, and online streaming options

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And here. we. go.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Orlando Practice Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the First Four games are out of the way, it’s time for the main event. The first two days of the NCAA Tournament are pretty much Christmas for college basketball fans. You can go a solid 12 hours without ever wanting for more basketball action. It’s pretty fantastic.

For those of you fortunate enough to tune in to all the happenings this afternoon and into the evening, feel free to use this thread to chat about the scores/upsets/questionable ref calls/whatever else floats your boat. Carolina doesn’t play today, of course, so occupy yourselves with other teams in the meantime.

Now that every game is aired in its entirety on one of the 45 channels you only watch this time of year, you have plenty of opportunity to follow the teams you predicted to upset higher seeds in your bracket, avoid working for the next 48 hours entirely, and completely submerge yourself in hoops.

Here’s a complete schedule for you, complete with their channel listing, so you don’t miss a game. You can also stream games online through or on mobile by downloading the app. Happy basketballing!

#5 Notre Dame vs #12 Princeton: 12:15 pm ET, CBS

#5 Virginia vs #12 UNC Wilmington: 12:40 pm ET, truTV

#4 Butler vs #13 Winthrop: 1:30 pm ET, TNT

#1 Gonzaga vs #16 South Dakota State: 2:00 pm ET, TBS

#4 West Virginia vs #13 Bucknell: Approximately 2:45 pm ET, CBS

#4 Florida vs #13 East Tennessee State: Approximately 3:00 pm ET, truTV

#5 Minnesota vs #12 Middle Tennessee: Approximately 4:00 pm ET, TNT

#8 Northwestern vs #9 Vanderbilt: Approximately 4:30 pm ET, TBS

#6 Maryland vs #11 Xavier: 6:50 pm ET, TNT

#1 Villanova vs #16 Mt. St. Mary’s: 7:10 pm, CBS

#7 St. Mary’s vs #10 VCU: 7:20 pm ET, truTV

#4 Purdue vs #13 Vermont: 7:27 pm ET, TBS

#3 Florida State vs #14 Florida Gulf Coast: Approximately 9:20 pm ET, TNT

#8 Wisconsin vs #9 Virginia Tech: Approximately 9:40 pm ET, CBS

#2 Arizona vs #15 North Dakota: Approximately 9:50 pm ET, TBS

#5 Iowa State vs #12 Nevada: Approximately 9:57 pm ET, truTV