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NCAA Tournament 2017 schedule: Game times, TV channels, and online streaming options

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Day two. Let’s go.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Maryland vs Xavier Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After a day of favorites pretty much running the table, it’s time for the second day of 12-hour basketball. Today will feature the majority of the games from the South and Midwest regions with a little of the other two thrown in. Kansas and North Carolina will be the #1 seeds in action today.

If you are lucky enough to be able to stay in front of your television all day, here is a list of the games you have to look forward to, along with their estimated tip times and channel location. You can also watch online at or on mobile with the app.

There will be a designated game thread for the Carolina game coming up at 2:30 pm ET. Feel free to use this for any of the other games. Go Heels!

#7 Michigan vs #10 Oklahoma State: 12:15 pm ET, CBS

#3 Baylor vs #14 New Mexico State: 12:40 pm ET, truTV

#8 Arkansas vs #9 Seton Hall: 1:30 pm ET, TNT

#3 Oregon vs #14 Iona: 2:00 pm ET, TBS

#2 Louisville vs #15 Jacksonville State: 2:45 pm ET, CBS

#6 SMU vs #11 USC: 3:00 pm ET, truTV

#1 North Carolina vs #16 Texas Southern: 4:00 pm ET, TNT

#6 Creighton vs #11 Rhode Island: 4:30 pm ET, TBS

#1 Kansas vs #16 UC Davis: 6:50 pm ET, TNT

#7 Dayton vs #10 Wichita State: 7:10 pm ET, CBS

#2 Duke vs #15 Troy: 7:20 pm ET, truTV

#6 Cincinnati vs #11 Kansas State: 7:27 pm ET, TBS

#8 Miami vs #9 Michigan State: 9:20 pm ET, TNT

#2 Kentucky vs #15 Northern Kentucky: 9:40 pm ET, CBS

#7 South Carolina vs #10 Marquette: 9:50 pm ET, TBS

#3 UCLA vs #14 Kent State: 9:57 pm ET, truTV