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UNC vs Duke Gamethread

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One more game.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Your North Carolina Tar Heels are already regular season champions after Louisville took care of Notre Dame earlier today. UNC is also already a lock for the top seed in the ACC Tournament. If this game were against any other team, it might feel like there wasn't a lot of play for...but this is Duke.

They must be defeated.

The Tar Heels are perfect at the Dean Dome this season. They need to win just one more game there to finish the season that way. It's Senior Night for Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks, Stilman White, Nate Britt, and Kanler Coker. It might be Justin Jackson's last home game as a Tar Heel. There might be a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament on the line.

UNC needs to win because the balance between Good Blue and Bad Blue was thrown off last month. The Tar Heels need to restore that order. The Heels need to win because everyone with any sense hates Duke with every fiber of their being. Their loss is everyone else's gain.

So once again, put on that lucky shirt, sit in that lucky spot, drink out of that lucky cup. Let's bring it home.

Go Heels!