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ACC Tournament 2017: UNC vs Miami Gamethread

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The Tar Heels look for revenge against Miami in the ACC Tournament quarterfinals.

Tennessee v North Carolina Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Two days of watching other ACC teams beat up on each other has gotten us here. The Tar Heels are finally playing their first game of the ACC Tournament, and their first opponent is one of the few they didn’t get a win against in the regular season.

For fans, getting revenge against Miami would be sweet. The game down in Coral Gables was a mess for UNC, but now they get a second shot at the Hurricanes on a neutral court. Carolina should be rested and ready to go with a shot at the semifinals on the line.

The nature of the double-bye is an interesting one. It’s pretty impossible to fathom a team playing five games in five days to take home the conference title. As such, more rest can only be a good thing. However, sometimes teams that haven’t played come off a bit cold to start. Hopefully that isn’t the case for the Heels this afternoon.

If the Tar Heels can get their revenge and send Miami packing, the winner of the Louisville/Duke game awaits them on Friday. The ACC has been tough all year, and running through a gauntlet of games on consecutive days was always going to be tough. It’ll be a fight to the finish for sure, but UNC is as prepared as any team for the task.

You can catch the game at noon ET on ESPN or the ACC Network.

Go Heels!