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Kevin Knox recruiting: Which school will land the five-star wing?

We're about a week away from finding out where Kevin Knox will attend school next year. Where do you think he'll go?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Unless there is another delay this late in the game, Kevin Knox will make a decision about where he will be attending school next year in the next week or so. He had in-home visits with his remaining suitors last week: North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Florida State, and Missouri. Knox will make his decision at some point in the first week of May.

Knox's Crystal Ball Prediction from 247sports has been a bit all over the place, with North Carolina and Duke seemingly being the favorites at the present time. The predictions have definitely favored the Tar Heels in April, but Duke has picked up a couple of the most recent ones. Roy Williams and company met with Knox in his home on Wednesday.

One of the criticisms of Roy Williams, and a concern about the cloud that the academic scandal has hung over the program, is the lack of one-and-done talent making it to Chapel Hill. Whether or not that's a good thing in your mind, or whether or not Knox ends up actually being a one-and-done player is up for debate. What is undeniable is that landing a consensus top 20 guy would be great for Carolina.

The recruiting process for Knox has been a long and somewhat frustrating one for those who are not interested in much of the song and dance of an 18-year-old. It's exciting that the Tar Heels are involved so late in the game with one of the best talents in the class, but it has also sort of reached a state of COME ON AND DECIDE ALREADY.

Williams has a perfect pitch for Knox in his arsenal. Pointing to Justin Jackson and telling Knox that he can step right into that role, having Knox present for Michael Jordan's appearance at the Smith Center on Senior Night, as well as the win over Duke that night, and, well, being the national champions isn't bad either.

Knox has some of the best basketball programs in the college game chasing him, and he'll need to decide which of those fits best with what he wants to do as a player. Hopefully the wait for the rest of us isn't too much longer. Where do you think he'll go?