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The weirdest UNC national championship memorabilia

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For all the UNC commemorative computer mouse users out there.

North Carolina Tar Heels Championship Welcome Rally Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

As they all do, UNC’s national championship win has led to a large amount of commemorative memorabilia being produced. A lot of it is very good and worth having. All the shirts, and hats, and DVDs are practical items. We are not here to talk about those things.

Some of the items made after the win are a bit weirder. Here are the more interesting items from the special national championship section of the North Carolina online team store.

North Carolina Tar Heels 12" x 15" 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions Sublimated Bracket Plaque

For $39.99, you can own this filled out and framed 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket. In theory, it’s not a terrible item to own. That being said, it is something you could probably make on your own for way less if you really wanted.

Men's Antigua Navy North Carolina Tar Heels 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions Associate Woven Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

All different designs and types of championship t-shirts are an expected thing. A button down shirt with a championship logo seems less common. However, if you’re looking to annoy your NC State cousins at a family dinner, then this shirt is probably for you.

Men's Fanatics Branded Navy North Carolina Tar Heels 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Elite Eight Bound Pima T-Shirt

Teams cut down the nets and receive special apparel when they make the Final Four. Being one of the last four teams left is a special accomplishment. Being one of the last eight teams left is also a special accomplishment. Teams don’t cut down the nets for making the Elite Eight, though. If they make the Elite Eight, they have to play another game two days later. This shirt could have been extremely painful to even look at had Luke Maye’s shot not gone in.

North Carolina Tar Heels 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions Wireless USB Mouse

UNC championship memorabilia is good. USB mouses are useful. A UNC championship specific USB mouse that costs $35? Ehhhhh.

Men's Heathered Gray 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Final Four Bound Post Up Pullover Hoodie

According to the team store, there’s only a few of these left. You should act now if you want a reminder of one of, if not the most, painful moments in Tar Heel basketball history.

Highland Mint North Carolina Tar Heels 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions Deluxe Gold Coin & Ticket Collection

This $150 plaque is one of six different items that features a commemorative coin. If you’re one for commemorative coins, you should splash out for this one that also includes a fake ticket. Go big or go home.

Mens White 2015 Women's Final Four Logo T-Shirt

This is a shirt for the 2015 Women’s Final Four. The North Carolina women’s team only made the Sweet 16 in 2015.

If you own or now want to own any of these items, then fair enough. National championships only come around so often, so feel free to celebrate them however you want. I just recommend the t-shirts and maybe not the commemorative coins.