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North Carolina’s baseball team has the best dog in the business

Remington is a fun and helpful addition to the Diamond Heels this season.

If you haven’t been to a Diamond Heels game this season, you may have missed the newest addition to the team. The four-legged helper is a three-year-old Golden Retriever named Remington, and his assistance to the team has been huge.

While Remington does fun baseball things like “fist-bumping” his teammates, holding his hat in the team line for the national anthem, or taking baseballs and water to the umpire between innings, his value extends far beyond that. Remi is a medical alert and rehabilitation service dog.

The pup has become a vital part of the Diamond Heels, and it seems like having him around is paying off both on and off the field. Remington is a very good boy.

You can check out the video about Remington above, read this CBS article about all he brings to the team, or follow him on his Instagram page where he posts extremely valuable content like this:

Good luck to Remington and the Diamond Heels in the ACC Tournament and upcoming NCAA Tournament! Go Heels!