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The Marching Tar Heels still want your help

UNC Bands have narrowed the suggestions to 16 songs, you can vote to determine the winners

Georgia Tech v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago, The Marching Tar Heels asked you to submit songs so they can expand their library for game day. They received hundreds of submissions, and now they have revealed the results.

The link in the above tweet will take you to a poll where you vote for each matchup. This is for the first round, but as you can see, the winners will keep advancing until only two remain.

All will be happy to see the Wagon Wheel listed isn’t from noted South Carolinian Darius Rucker.

There is one rule for voting, as spelled out a little later:

If you submitted songs, now is your chance to play DJ for the Marching Band. Hop on, and keep voting.

Personally, I think it’s tragic that Green Day has never been part of the rotation.