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Breaking out of the summer doldrums

Seven summer activities to tide you over until football begins.

PGA TOUR - 2005 Chrysler Classic of Greensboro - Drive to a Billion Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Basketball is over. Baseball, unfortunately, is over. Football games do not start for over two months. This is the summer doldrums season; a time when the collegiate sporting winds are calm.

Sure, one could just relax all summer and charge the batteries ahead of what is sure to be an exciting fall, but what would be the fun in that? Instead, THB recommends the following list of games and activities that are sure to maintain those competitive juices for the next ten weeks.

  1. Keep up with recruiting. Sure, there are not a lot of hot recruiting stories during the summer months, especially now that the Cameron Johnson saga is over. If talking Carolina recruiting is not exciting enough, though, check in on South Carolina recruit Ibrahim Doumbia, Mercer recruit Harvey Barr, or Lehigh incoming freshman Marques Wilson. Dook fans will love hearing about how well these schools are recruiting.

2. This is a great game for backyard get-togethers. It promotes coordination and teamwork.

Note that this game does not have to be played with bottles. Instead, you can pick up a few small stuffed mascots of your least favorite teams and launch Frisbees at them. Beware that several hours of gameplay can lead to a bruised hand. To counter this, some friends have suggested playing with an oven mitt. Those friends went to Pac-12 schools.

3. Find a fellow fans, have a beverage, and strike up the Rashad McCants’ Jersey debate. Once you have it all figured out, try arguing the situation from an alternative point of view. Just don’t actually debate with Rashad McCants.

4. Select a topic and take turns giving an example. Failure to answer in 3 seconds or repeating an answer results in elimination. The winner gets to pick the next topic. For example, topics could include "UNC players currently in the NFL" or "Teams that beat NC State in 2016-17.” This game has a lot of different names but I always call it "why did you steal my answer?"

5. Watch replays of your favorite games of all time. Make sure to tell others watching with you where you were and what you were doing during the game. Negative points if you did not attend the game in person. I will start with the October 30, 2004 home win over #4 ranked Miami. My wife still refers to that game as "the game you left your pregnant wife in the stands to storm the field."

6. If you are handy, this is a great game to create at home.

For extra creativity points, feel free to name the ships and have them fire on each other. One of my ships is named "All Those Transfers" and it is fantastic when it sinks "Tony Bennett's Team."

7. When hosting a gathering of friends, periodically slip away to change out an article of UNC clothing. Astute guests will slowly start to catch on, but there will always be one person who takes way too long to notice. For bonus points, try wearing only championship attire. This is especially fun when playing with Illinois fans.

These are just a handful of ideas to get you through the summer. Don’t worry, September will be here before you know it.