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The worst UNC branded items for sale on Amazon

For all those looking for fidget spinners and poor depictions of Rameses, these items are for you.

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Gonzaga v North Carolina Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In the past, we’ve taken a look at some of the stranger items that are for sale in UNC’s official online team store. The thing with those items is, if they’re in the official team store, they probably have some level of recommendation from the school itself.

However, The team store is obviously not the only place to buy Tar Heel related items online. One of those other places is Amazon. While all the officially branded UNC items need some level of approval to have the logo on it, some of the actual items can be a bit weird. There’s probably a reason a lot of these items don’t show up in the official UNC team store.

NCAA Diztracto Fidget Spinnerz

The impetus for this post was the discovery that a UNC fidget spinner exists. It’s not a surprise that the colleges and licensing companies have gotten in on this trend. Someone out there has already or will buy this in the future. Dropping $13 for a branded one when there are probably generic one for 1/3 the price seems like a bad strategy, though.

NCAA Mascot Head Cover

Yeah, uh, that is not remotely what Rameses looks like.

NCAA Patches Business Jacket

This is a perfectly fine novelty UNC clothing item to have. It could even be a funny thing to wear to a game. However, it is listed as a “business jacket”. Wearing that thing in any sort of business setting is an extremely ill-advised idea.

Collegiate Mascot Headcover

Closer, but that’s still not really what Rameses looks like.

NCAA Novelty Sunglasses

Get your face dunked on at all your summer events with these.

NCAA North Carolina Tar Heels Adult Player Uniform Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves


NCAA North Carolina University Tarheels logo in 2" Crystal Pyramid with Colored Windowed Gift Box

I have no idea what any of that means, what that is, or what purpose it serves.

NCAA Ultimate Hand Foam Finger

Who needs the typical foam finger, when you can buy this needlessly realistic and extremely creepy one.

NCAA Study Buddy Mascot

You see, Rameses is wearing glasses here because he’s a “Study Buddy”. Because when you think of things to help kids study and do their homework, you definitely think of a stuffed toy. Thankfully, Rameses is not quite the nightmare fuel that the Clemson version is.