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Fantasy Friday: UNC Basketball Challenge - Fourth Round

We are inching closer to crowning a champion. This week features another elimination match up that has an “Old School” flair.


Tar Heel Blog contributors participated in a Fantasy Basketball Draft composing teams of some of the best talent in UNC basketball history. This is our sixth entry in this series. To catch up on the rest of the series, visit the following links: Draft; 1st Round; 2nd Round; 3rd Round; Tiebreaker

Last week, our progress was stalled to settle the score between two squads on the brink of elimination. Neither team was sent home two weeks ago. Last week, a victor survived and advanced. This week, that same victor faces a new challenge and another elimination match up to stay alive.

Let’s look at our bracket:

THB Bracket

This week, Al and Tanya are still looming on the sidelines. Waiting patiently to see who they will face. Al has already earned his spot in the championship round with devastating wins over Andrew, Brandon, and Tanya. On the other hand, Tanya will face the winner of this week’s match up in a battle for the final spot in the championship round.

Let’s get down to business.

Two weeks ago, Brandon and Jake met for the second time. Their first match up came in the First Round. Brandon defeated Jake with a 62-46 score. After Jake defeated Andrew in the Elimination Bracket and Brandon lost to Al in the 2nd Round, they met again. This time, the stakes were higher. Neither squad wanted to be eliminated and they gutted out a 57-57 draw. Last week, Jake was able to get the last laugh when he eliminated the Brandon’s squad with a 41-28 score. He moves on to face Chad.

Chad was sent to the elimination bracket after a close opening round loss to Tanya. He then made his way through the elimination bracket, sending both Chris and Akil home.

Chad Floyd vs. Jake Lawrence

(click the links to read the complete team summaries)

Chad vs. Jake

This match up features two of the best point guards to come through Carolina in recent years; Ty Lawson and Raymond Felton. Both led their respective teams to National Championships. Both teams also have a flair of the older players* who were taken in this draft with Hubert Davis, Walter Davis, James Worthy, Bob McAdoo, Billy Cunningham, Al Wood, Bobby Jones, and Matt Doherty. The winner of this match up moves on to face Tanya for a chance to secure a spot in the Championship round against Al.

*Author’s Note: “Older players” in this sense means pre-1993 National Championship. Hey, I’m only 30...

Here’s some of what Chad said about his team:

Virginia Cavaliers v North Carolina Tar Heels Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

“Be it out of necessity or a subconscious desire to build to my preferred style of basketball, I assembled an athletic matchup nightmare of a team capable of turning any basketball game into a track meet.

If you don't think this is the best team, I encourage you to figure out a way to defend this lineup. If you think a team heavy in wings could light them up, George Lynch and David Noel are here to lock you down. This team is going to hurt people's feelings, y'all.”

Here’s some of what Jake had to say about his team:

Raymond Felton passes Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

“I had three goals. Build a team that spans as many generations of Tar Heels as possible, place a premium on defense and rebounding, and select national championship experience. Mission accomplished.

With talent that spans six decades, versatility to match any era of the game, and unrivaled defensive and rebounding ability, few teams could pose a challenge to this crew.“

Vote for which team would win this head-to-head match up! The poll will close on Wednesday, July 26th at 8:00 pm.


Elimination Game: Chad Floyd vs. Jake Lawrence

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