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The Tar Heels podcast roundup

We dive in and look at some of the UNC podcasts across the internet.

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There is a podcast that explains how ketchup works. Another one where comedians review and banter about various chain restaurants. There is even a podcast about trying to find Richard Simmons (Note: I have listened to all of these). No matter what the subject, there is probably a podcast for it.

Podcasts are humorous, informative, and some are just plain weird. Many are hosted by professionals who have made a career out of podcasting, while others are hosted by just amateur average-joe types, like myself, for fun.

Podcasting is not a new medium by any means, but it is one in which the number of new listeners continues to trend upwards each day. With people becoming busier and busier these days, many are turning to podcasts for news and information on subjects they are interested in or just to be entertained.

Podcasts are so easily accessible on our phones, tablets, or computers (which many of us take everywhere we go) that you can listen to a show anywhere in the world. If you get distracted or interrupted while listening to an episode, you can pick up right where you left off. These, along with various other reasons, are why the world of podcasting is continuing to grow.

As a Tar Heel fan, there is no shortage of podcasts out there for you to consume. Here is a closer look at some of the still active UNC related podcasts:

Well Said

This is a podcast that was created by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Many of the guests are students, alumni, or professors who are associated with the university. Each episode focuses on news or issues that are happening on campus or around the world, as it relates to UNC. There have been guests on the podcast who are associated with the UNC Athletic Program as well, such as Eric Montross, Jones Angell, and Bubba Cunningham.

UNC Hoops Talk

This is a podcast all about Tar Heel basketball. It is hosted by UNC fan, Dan DeWitt. Throughout the basketball season (and sometimes during the offseason), he gives his analysis and opinions on all that is happening with North Carolina basketball.

Inside Carolina Podcast

This podcast is affiliated with the popular website (and message board) Inside Carolina. The show is hosted by one of the editors on the website, Tommy Ashley. Guests usually include various contributors to the Inside Carolina website, such as Buck Sanders, Greg Barnes, and Sherrell McMillan.

Much of the focus centers around recruiting and various other Tar Heel news. During basketball season, Ashley will breakdown and provide analysis of games with former Tar Heel, Dewey Burke.

Carolina Insider

When you combine the “Voice of the Tar Heels,” Jones Angell, with UNC’s premiere writer for, Adam Lucas, you get the gold standard of Tar Heel podcasts. Adam and Jones offer a podcast that is informative with insider knowledge and they also provide a unique chemistry that has developed over the years. They work very well together and it shows in the success of the podcast.

Many of the Carolina Insider’s best segments have nothing to do with the Tar Heels, but random topics that come up in their conversations or every day lives. They also have had great guests on the show such as Danny Green, Anson Dorrance, and Hubert Davis.

The Weekly Tar Heel Podcast

This podcast is hosted by myself and can be found weekly on the Tar Heel Blog website (or other podcast hosting sites like iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play). Some of the episodes are roundtable discussions among contributors of the website, in which we discuss Tar Heel news, provide analysis, and breakdown basketball and football games. Also, a number of former Tar Heels have been guests on the show like Marquise Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, and Sean May.

In the fall, along with the weekly podcast, there will be brief daily episodes in which myself and others recap and discuss the previous day’s Tar Heel news or athletic events. We will also look ahead, provide analysi, and make predictions for that upcoming day’s football or basketball game.

So, next time you are traveling on a cross-country trip or just going for a jog around the block, you can get your latest news and analysis on the Tar Heels and hear interviews with your favorite UNC athletes and coaches with the many Tar Heel podcasts waiting for you to download.