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Fantasy Friday: Crowning Our Champion

A close final match came down to the last few minutes.

Eight Tar Heel Blog contributors participated in a Fantasy Basketball Draft composing teams of some of the best talent in UNC basketball history. This is our ninth and final entry in this series. To catch up on the rest of the series, visit the following links: Draft; 1st Round; 2nd Round; 3rd Round; Tiebreaker; 4th Round; 5th Round; Championship

Congratulations AL! With a perfect 4-0 record, Al was able to move through the field and take the title. Let’s look at the road he took to claim the crown.

Final Bracket

His final match against Tanya wasn’t an easy one. Al never got the insurmountable lead he was accustomed to. The count was tied at 46 with just under 30 minutes remaining. I began preparing another tiebreaker piece because I thought that the votes had finished coming in. When I checked just after 8:00 pm on Wednesday night, I noticed that the numbers looked different. Al had squeaked out a one-point victory to win the championship. This was his closest match, by far.

Congratulations Al on a job well done! Your Michael Jordan lead squad was the favorite to win coming in to the tournament and that assumption held true.

To everyone else who participated along side of him, I applaud you for your time and effort. Thank you to those who voted in the polls each week and to my colleagues who participated in the initial draft.

Hopefully, this weekly fantasy tournament filled a basketball void often felt during the doldrums of summer. As football season winds up, we can safely say that those “dark days” of summer without sports is over!