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UNC basketball: Adam Lucas sits down with Cameron Johnson

Johnson discusses his experiences at UNC so far.

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Adam Lucas sat down with graduate transfer Cameron Johnson to talk about his summer in Chapel Hill, Roy Williams, his role on the team, and several other topics.

Johnson transferred to UNC from Pittsburgh, but it wasn’t easy. Pitt tried its best to make Johnson’s situation as difficult as possible for as long as possible until the negative press forced their hand. However, Johnson committed to the Tar Heels before he was even sure that he’d be able to play immediately.

It was his trust in Roy Williams, which he touched on in the interview, that gave him confidence to make that decision. He made it clear that he didn’t want to lose a year of eligibility, but Roy assured him that wouldn’t happen. Johnson has quickly built a great relationship with Williams and his staff.

He has been working especially hard with the strength and conditioning staff in order to get in the best shape possible. He cited Jonas Sahratian and Doug Halverson as huge helps in preparing him for the bumps and bruises that the college basketball season brings.

Lucas also asked Johnson about his similarity to Justin Jackson, and how much of that role will fall onto him.

The two players are very alike in body type and their ability to stroke it from deep. Johnson seems to believe Coach Williams will utilize him in a lot of the same ways he used Jackson, adding that rebounding will be more of a focus given the lack of experienced bodies down low.

Johnson averaged 11.9 points and 4.5 rebounds per game for Pitt last season. He will look to post similar numbers, if not slightly better, if he wants to help compensate for the big hole left by Jackson.

By all accounts, Cameron Johnson is a well-spoken and likable guy. He will be a big asset for the Tar Heels on and off the court, and I look forward to watching him suit up in Carolina blue.