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ACC Football Week 2: Staff Predictions

The Tar Heel Blog staff tries our hand at predicting the outcome of games as the season enters its second week.

NCAA Football: California at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the second week of the college football season, and that’s good news for most teams who got off to a bad start last week. A chance for redemption! Unfortunately for the Tar Heels, their opponent in Week 2 is a tough one. Can UNC find a way to even their record even with the reigning Heisman winner in town?

As always, the Tar Heel Blog staff laid out their predictions for the slate of ACC games this week. Here’s how that went:

The Miami/Arkansas State game was omitted after it was cancelled because of the impending hurricane. Virginia Tech, NC State, Georgia Tech, and Florida State were all unanimously chosen as winners amongst the staff. Even the loss of Deondre Francois is not enough for anyone to think Louisiana Monroe can topple the Seminoles.

Only four of us were brave enough (or dumb enough) to stare in the face of Lamar Jackson and claim that the Tar Heels would emerge victorious. I’m sure the rest of the staff can expect a heavy dose of heckling for their lack of faith if Carolina can pull it off.

Most staff members believed that Northwestern would get the best of Duke this week in what I’m sure comes as a shock to you all. It’s almost like we’re heavily biased. Two brave souls even believed that Pittsburgh will be able to march into Beaver Stadium and knock off Penn State for the second year in a row. It would be a huge win for the conference if that came to fruition.

So that’s how we think this week will play out. Feel free to leave your own predictions, or critiques of ours, in the comments below.