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UNC Basketball: Tar Heels in the NBA Update

With the NBA season around the halfway point, lets check in on some Tar Heel alumni in the pros.

Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

With the NBA season is right around the halfway point, lets check in on some former UNC players plying their trade in the pros. While some have stayed in line, we’ve seen a couple make some slightly unexpected breakthroughs early in the 2017-18 season.

Harrison Barnes

The Mavericks are well under .500 this season, but Barnes has put up solid numbers in his second season in Dallas. His points per game are slightly down from last year, but he’s still going for over 18 per game. Barnes has also upped his rebound numbers to over six a game, which he’s previously never done in the pros or in his two years in Chapel Hill.

Tony Bradley

Bradley’s bounced around between the Jazz and the G-League so far this season, but that’s not unexpected. He’s gotten just 28 minutes across eight games, averaging just 1.0 point and 1.4 rebounds in that time. (Those do equate to a solid 10.3 and 14.1 per 36 minutes, it should be said.) He did get recalled back to the NBA on the 10th, so he should hopefully seeing some game action soon.

Reggie Bullock

Bullock has continued his recent career renaissance, scoring a combined 24 points over his last two games. If you want to read more about Bullock’s recent run, here’s a piece from THB’s own Christian Schneider from last week.

Vince Carter

The fact that Carter is in the NBA at all considering his age is impressive. However, there’s a reason he’s currently averaging just 15.5 minutes per game, which is by far the lowest of his career. He’s shooting just 37% from the field. However, on occasion, he can still do Vince Carter things.

Ed Davis

Davis continues to be a perfectly fine bench/role player for Portland. His per game numbers aren’t mind-blowing, however his 13.3 rebounds per 36 minutes is among the best in the NBA.

Wayne Ellington

In his ninth season in the NBA, Ellington is having arguably his best year. He’s going for a career high 10.6 points per game, and is shooting 41% from three. The only time he bettered that 41% was was four years ago, and he’s already played more and taken more threes than he did that year. Oh, and Ellington did this Tuesday night:

Raymond Felton

Felton is having a perfectly solid season off the bench for the Thunder. Oklahoma City has won eight of their past 12 games, and Felton had provided 7.6 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.4 assists in 16 minutes per game in that time.

Danny Green

Green had missed some time recently with groin tightness, but otherwise he’s been his normal good three-shooting, good defender self. His 38.7% three-point shooting percentage is his best since 2014-15, after which he signed his big contract.

John Henson

His career with the Bucks can be described as up and down, but this season definitely appears to be an up for Henson. Almost all of his numbers are up from the last couple season, and are among the best he’s ever put up in his career.

Justin Jackson

Since beginning the season as a starter with the Kings, Jackson has bounced around between the NBA and the G-League. Since scoring a career-high 19 in a game in November, Jackson’s shot just 30% from the field in NBA games. He’s put up good numbers with Reno in the G-League, so it’s not all been struggles for him this year.

Brice Johnson

Johnson is another that’s bounced around from the G-League, and hasn’t gotten much playing time with the Clippers.

James Michael MacAdoo

MacAdoo moved to the 76ers from the Warriors in the offseason. While Philadelphia is improved this season, MacAdoo has played in just three games, shot 28.6% from the field, and has spent most of his time in the G-League.

Marvin Williams

In terms of minutes, Williams hasn’t played quite as much as he has in the past, but he’s made up for that by putting up career best shooting numbers. His 42.9% three-point and 46.5% overall shooting percentages are both on track to be career highs.

Brendan Wright

Wright has dealt with several injuries over the past couple seasons, which has really hampered his playing time. His per 36 minute numbers from this year aren’t terribly far off his career norms, but Wright has played in just 23 of 39 games for the Grizzlies this season.

Tyler Zeller

After going to Brooklyn in the offseason, Zeller has seen his playing time and numbers increase. However, perhaps the most interesting increase he made is that he’s taken 20 three-pointers this year after taking six in the previous five years. Even more interesting is that he’s made eight of them.

Marcus Paige, Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks

These four are getting grouped together because they’ve only played a combined one NBA game this season. However, all four are getting decent minutes and putting up decent numbers. The most impressive stat line out of the three might be Hicks who is averaging over 15 and eight in around 30 minutes a game.