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ACC Football: Week 6 Staff Predictions

In which we’re all sure UNC won’t lose this week.

North Carolina v Miami
Same, Richt.
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels will not lose a football game this week, friends. We’re sure of that. We are guaranteed that one beacon of light in the darkness. The bye week is upon us, and it is good.

Not having a UNC game didn’t stop my colleagues and I from predicting the various outcomes of other ACC games on the schedule, though. There are a couple really entertaining ones on tap for this weekend that we can all enjoy without the dread get it.

Here’s what the staff predicted for this week:

As you can see above, Brandon still leads us all with a sparkling record, but Jacob and Joe are trying to ensure that he can hear their footsteps behind him. There’s a lot of agreement on how this week’s games will shake out among the staff but Jake believes in Florida State, Louisville, and Pittsburgh more than rest of us. That, or he’s just trying to hedge his bets in order to catch up. Either way.

Feel free to leave your own predictions for this week’s games in the comments below, or criticize the heck out of ours. We can take it.

Happy Bye Week!