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PODCAST: Basketball, Three Games In

Yes, we actually do talk about winning programs on our podcast.

Chad Floyd is joined by a trio of talented Tar Heel Bloggers, Al Hood, Jake Lawrence, and Joe Carpenter, for a discussion of Carolina’s impressive 3-0 start, and the rest of the opening stretch.

Find it here on your laptop, or search podcasts on your smart device of choice.

Discussed, more specifically:

  • Leaky Black’s surprising start
  • Cam Johnson (!!!)
  • Carolina’s versatility, and how difficult a match-up the Heels are (and will be)
  • What the Heels need to take away from the Tennessee Tech and St. Francis (PA) games.

It was fun! Please subscribe on Apple Podcasts (or wherever else you’re finding us), leave a 5-star review, and it will be read on-air. Thanks for listening, and go Heels!