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UNC Basketball: Tennessee Tech Game Thread

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The Tar Heels take on the Golden Eagles tonight at the Smith Center.

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Following what was an uneven performance against Stanford, the North Carolina Tar Heels will look to find more consistency tonight when they take on the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles.

So far this season, the Heels have dominated their competition and have shown flashes of what they could be come March, but there’s no doubt that they need to find better footing before they have to take on the always-a-pain-in-Roy-Williams’-side Texas Longhorns next week. The game against Tennessee Tech and next week’s game against St. Francis will be important in working out some of the wrinkles that exist before heading to the Las Vegas Invitational, where Texas isn’t the only team waiting for them — the Heels will also have to face off against either UCLA or #11 Michigan State.

Bringing focus back to the game tonight, we should look for UNC to find some consistency on defense. The game against Stanford was as Jekyll and Hyde as it can get, and there’s no doubt that Roy Williams made them feel it during practice this week. Something else worth watching tonight will be which rotations will Williams use tonight, and of the ones used, which ones will give the Heels the most production. He’s mixed things up a lot so far, and so far it seems like the smaller lineup has been working out the best. Will that continue to be the case? We shall wait and see.

Have fun tonight, be safe, and if you’re attending the game be loud. We will be back following the game with our post-game analysis.

Go Heels!