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UNC vs. Western Carolina - Player of the Game: Javonte Williams

The freshman had a solid day in the Tar Heels’ win.

NCAA Football: Western Carolina at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

On the offensive side of things, things went about as well as you would have expected for UNC against Western Carolina. They scored 49 points and racked up 654 total yards of offense. A couple drives stalled out and ended in missed field goals, preventing the point total from being larger. Overall, the offense did fine against the FCS opposition.

The defense did not, but we’re just going to ignore that in this post.

The breakdown in usage on the offensive side of things also went about as you would expect considering next week’s opponent. Nominal starter Nathan Elliott was taken out for the last couple drives in favor of Manny Miles, who had actually thrown a Hail Mary touchdown pass in the first half. Michael Carter only got six carries, with four different running backs getting touches on the day. That allowed one of the lesser-used backs to have a big day.

Javonte Williams has spent most of the season being the fourth running back behind Carter, Antonio Williams, and Jordon Brown. His 17 carries against WCU were way more than the rest of his season combined.

Against WCU, the freshman got an extended run, and he made the most of it. Williams finished with 93 yards on 17 carries, while also making two catches for 38 yards. Most impressively, he scored three touchdowns, becoming the first Tar Heel in a couple years to accomplish that.

Elsewhere, his backfield mate Brown also had a solid day, going for 79 yards and a touchdown. Anthony Ratliff-Williams didn’t have any scores, but did a little bit of everything as usual. He had 226 total yards for the game, including 127 on five kickoff returns.

There wasn’t a ton we could have learned from this game, at least on the offensive side of things. However, it was a nice chance for a lesser-used player to have a nice day, and Javonte Williams filled that role for the Heels.