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University of National Champions! UNC Field Hockey wins their seventh title

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It was a dominant season from beginning to end as the Tar Heels go 23-0 in winning their title.

Al Hood

It’s not every year that you get to open up a brand new stadium and you are able to quickly adorn it with another national title. Your University of North Carolina Field Hockey team was able to do just today on Sunday, thanks to a 2-0 win against Maryland. Just to sweeten that title, the Tar Heels went 23-0 in doing it.

There’s a reason that new stadium is named after Karen Shelton.

The Tar Heels did all of their damage in the first half, as Erin Matson and Megan DuVernois both scored before halftime, and the defense took over for the rest of the game.

The title is Carolina’s first in Field Hockey since 2009. They also have titles in 1989, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 2007. For those keeping count, that's seven national titles since 1989.

These tweets from Adam Lucas puts just how strong of a program overall UNC has and what this team has added to it: