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UNC reportedly on the verge of firing Larry Fedora

It’s time for a change in Chapel Hill.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report by Inside Carolina, Larry Fedora’s time in Chapel Hill is nearly up. IC reports that multiple sources believe a head coaching change is coming soon following the end of the season for the Tar Heels in their overtime loss to NC State Saturday afternoon. Tar Heel Illustrated is reporting that Fedora was “relieved of his duties” following the loss to State, but that has not yet been announced by the school.

It’s not surprising. Fedora has seemed like a lame duck coach for most of the disappointing season. Last year’s football disappointment could be blamed on the ridiculous amount of injuries the team sustained on a weekly basis. This year felt much more self-inflicted on the part of the coach.

Some fans might have wondered at various parts of the game against the Wolfpack whether or not a victory might be enough to salvage Fedora’s tenure at Carolina. His $12 million buyout certainly loomed large. However, it seems obvious to everyone, including those making the decisions, that a change is necessary in order to get the football program back on track. Fedora doesn’t seem like the person who can get it there, so it will soon be someone else’s job to try. Not firing Fedora would have likely led to another lost season in Chapel Hill, and filling seats in Kenan Stadium would be a very difficult sell.

Let the fun of speculating about who will be the next to lead the Tar Heels begin. Hopefully Bubba Cunningham can find someone to inspire some optimism this offseason because we could all use a little of that when it comes to the UNC football program.