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UNC vs. Georgia Tech - Player of the Game: Cole Holcomb

While much of the Heels’ defense struggled against the Yellow Jackets, one player had a career day.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s begin this by saying what everyone is probably thinking: a lot of UNC’s players struggled yesterday against Georgia Tech. Granted, they found a way to make things interesting and tie it up until the Yellow Jackets pulled away late in the fourth quarter, but all and all things were rather painful.

It wasn’t all bad, though, and there are definitely a few players worth mentioning. Jace Ruder saw some good minutes (and then immediately got injured), Anthony Ratliff-Williams did some good things at times, and Malik Carney gave the defense some solid production as well. However, none of these players stood out enough from the highly concentrated level of struggle quite like our player of the game, Cole Holcomb.

Given the way that Georgia Tech runs their offense, UNC’s front seven had to be on their game if they had any hopes of limiting the damage that could be done on the ground. Thankfully, Cole Holcomb found his way into a lot of the plays, and ended the game with 22 total tackles, 12 solo tackles, and three forced fumbles. Holcomb’s total tackle count is a career-high, and it is also the first game in his college career that he forced a fumble.

The Heels needed every bit of his production to even have a chance of staying in this game, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to pull off the win. Still, congratulations to Cole Holcomb on a dominant performance.