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Last-minute Christmas gifts for the Tar Heel fan in your life

Come for the Nikes, stay for the tiny bobblegoblin.

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UC Santa Barbara v North Carolina Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Christmas is merely days away, but we’re busy people. We can’t always get gifts as early as we’d like, and sometimes we even have to be that “sorry I missed the 25th but here is your awesome thing anyway” people. There’s nothing wrong with that. Presents are awesome.

If you still have some Christmas shopping to do, here are some ideas for what you can get your favorite UNC fans. Or if you need some last minute ideas for what to ask for from Santa, allow me to make some suggestions below. Some of them are still available for arrival in time for Christmas, which is quite the deal for December 19!

First off, everyone loves a bobblehead. They are kind of cute and you can place them almost anywhere. They are affordable memorabilia that come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You really can’t go wrong wi—oh god, what is that?

You can give your friends nightmares for the low price of $24.99. Guaranteed by Christmas. Pick up this little goblin here. (Note: I am not completely serious with this one, but I’m not completely not serious either.)

If you’re looking to splurge a little on the shoe lover in your life, why not get them a pair of UNC Nikes so they can rep the Tar Heels on their feet whenever they’d like?

They are available starting at a men’s 8/women’s 9.5 and running up to a men’s 15/women’s 16.5. They are currently on sale for $82.97 from Nike, marked down from $110. You can get them here.

Want to give your friends or family something to remember the 2017 National Championship by? Why not give them a piece of the floor the Tar Heels brought home the title on.

Giving such an awesome gift will set you back $89.99, but your friend will love you forever, and that’s what really counts right? You can still get this in time for Christmas here.

I’m sure you’ve seen the houses lit up for Christmas with the lights projected onto the house. It looks okay. You know what would make it better? If those lights were little UNC logos. Bed, Bath, and Beyond has you covered.

Nailed it. Give your loved ones the gift of annoying all their Duke/NC State fan neighbors year-round. They’ll thank you later. Pick this up for $59.99 (but they literally always have 20% off coupons) here.

If you’re looking to make the day, month, year, and maybe lifetime of the UNC fan in your life, consider giving them one of the UNC watches from HAIL. I reviewed the watch a little over a month ago, and it is still something I get many compliments about.

You can check out the full review I did here, but know that a portion of the sales go toward future scholarships and that there are only 50 of the watches made, so you know you’re giving something that’s very unique.

This watch will set you back $850.00, but for the gift-giver looking to make a big splash under the Christmas tree, it’s hard to beat. You can get one here.

Do you need a gift that’s quick and free? Do you want to make your UNC friends happy and your Duke...acquaintances...very unhappy? I got you. All you need is a printer and/or a megaphone.

Merry Christmas, everybody!