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Grab Tar Heel Blog’s NCAA Tournament T-shirt

Why can’t the Heels win it again?

The Tar Heels brought home college basketball’s ultimate prize last April when they won the National Championship in Phoenix. Some would have you believe, particularly before the season started, that Roy Williams’ squad didn’t have the talent to make it to San Antonio this year.

Why not?

Joel Berry II began using this phrase, and its sentiment is one we can all get behind. Why can’t the Heels make another deep run in the tournament? Why can’t they win it all? They have hung tough against the best teams in the country this year and appear to be playing their best basketball at the right time. So, why not?

To get ready for this year’s tournament, Tar Heel Blog has partnered with our friends at Breaking T to bring you this Why Not? t-shirt. As has been previously mentioned, Chad Floyd credits his Tar Heel Blog “Ceiling is the Roof” shirt with getting UNC to the championship game. Hopefully this shirt will be equally lucky for us all.

The shirt retails for $25 and is printed in the USA. You can head over to Breaking T to purchase it in time for the tournament by clicking here.