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Can you name the NCAA coaches who make more money than Roy Williams?

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The USA Today numbers are out, and Roy Williams is criminally underpaid.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Always a fun annual read, the USA Today coaching salaries (DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK BEFORE TAKING THE QUIZ) for 2018 were released on Monday. Amazingly, Roy Williams is not in the top 40. Can you name the coaches making more than him? Find out with this Sporcle quiz. How many can you name?

For the record, I wrote the damn quiz and could only go back and name 27 before I submitted it to the public*.

*side note: I wanted this article to post on a Friday since I know you aren’t working anyway. If you’ve never been on Sporcle, welcome to the rabbit hole. I apologize for nothing.

Given the list of names in the top 40, one could argue that Coach Williams is criminally, perhaps unjustifiably underpaid. The usual suspects are making the most money— all of the top-40 highest-paid coaches come from schools that would appear on a list of top collegiate athletics schools as a whole. With ten (TEN!) coaches from the SEC on the list, one would say the rate of return on college basketball salaries is...not great.

I was able to account for a total of eight Final Four appearances among coaches paid less than Roy. Hint: a prominent, crotchety ACC coach is responsible for five of them. A familiar opponent’s coach is also on that list, while the other two made FF appearances at schools other than the ones at which they’re currently employed.

Look, its wonderful to have an elite basketball coach who also happens to love the university that employs him— but we need to thank our lucky stars that Roy Williams is a Tar Heel born, Tar Heel bred. On the day that he moves on, North Carolina simply will not be able to expect the amazing results he’s produced— five Final Fours, three national championships, eight ACC regular season titles, three ACC tournament titles— without paying SIGNIFICANTLY more than the current below-market-value figure Roy commands.

Don’t lie to us! Take the quiz first, comment below to tell us how many names you were able to get, and discuss below. It further elucidates how awesome our basketball coach is.