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Re-live classic Tar Heel moments with this internet playlist

We can’t take the credit for this discovery, but we can spread the wealth.

Ed Cota #5 & Bill Guthridge

College football is still 13 weeks away. College baseball will reach its conclusion over the next few weeks. The Golden State Warriors are heavy favorites to win their third title in four years. The World Cup is not welcoming the Red, White, and Blue after the USMNT choked in qualifying last fall.

So, what on earth are you supposed to do this summer as you wait for the fall to arrive?

Binge on classic UNC basketball games. Duh.

We are not the first to comment on the treasure trove that has been humourously named “John Swofford’s Mind Control Device” by “Walter Stevenson”. I assume that’s his real name, but that’s irrelevant. Truthfully, I came across this a month ago, but didn’t quite grasp its importance. If I was not such an idiot, I would have shared it with the masses then.

Then two weeks ago, as many of you likely do, I tuned into the Carolina Insider Pod. If you do not subscribe to this specific podcast, hosted by Jones Angell and Adam Lucas, I recommend you add it to your queue immediately. Lo and behold, they also had learned of this little slice of heaven and shared its contents with their listeners. A few days later they tweeted a link to the playlist.

What, exactly, will you find if you click that link? You might a well have stepped in Doc Brown’s DeLorean. Key moments and entire games featuring Dean Smith, Frank McGuire, Phil Ford, Michael Jordan, Kenny Smith, George Lynch, Ed Cota and countless other Tar Heels from yesteryear are accessible.

Want to watch the classic triple-overtime 1957 NCAA Championship game? You know. The one where the undefeated Heels triumphed in triple overtime over Wilt Chamberlain’s Kansas Jayhawks? It’s available.

Re-live the 1980’s, including some of the more forgotten contests. Perhaps you’re interested in 1982’s clash in Carmichael between Ralph Sampson’s #2 ranked Virginia Cavaliers and the #1 ranked Tar Heels? It’s your lucky day.

Or maybe the 1990’s was more your style. Well, then sit back and relive the 1993 comeback against Florida State in Chapel Hill in its entirety. Trust me. It’s much more satisfying to watch from the jump than watching the other highlight compilations that are roaming the internet.

Fast foward to 2000, and you can watch the incredible and most unlikely Final Four run in UNC’s history. Here’s the 2000 Elite Eight victory over Tulsa in Austin, TX. It’s a personal favorite, as I was in attendance on the second level for this game and the prior contest against Tennessee. True to form, the loudest cheer during the weekend was when the announcer informed us that Duke lost to Florida in the Sweet 16. (Shout out to Joseph Forte, one of the best pure scorers to ever wear Carolina Blue. He had 28 point in this game).

You get the idea. Go crazy with this little tool. Most of the games have been uploaded by an assortment of accounts or individuals. NCAA On Demand, Tar Heel Times, nutty.archives, Stephen Barnett, and Matt Harrington (if those are your real names) and other assorted characters are the heroes of this achievement.

But the real MVP is Mr. Walter Stevenson. Whoever and wherever you are good Sir, thank for you compiling this playlist.

Go Heels.