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Carolina Football: Heels Pick Up Two New 2019 Commitments

Welcome to the Hill, Welton Spottsville and Storm Duck!

Western Carolina v North Carolina Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Larry Fedora’s 2019 recruiting class grew by 50% over the weekend, as the Heels landed commitments from NC receiver Welton Spottsville and SC corner Storm Duck. Both players are 3-star recruits on 247 at this time, though each had seen their recruitment pick up some momentum in recent weeks.

It should absolutely go without saying that despite middling rankings, both players are 5-star, elite talent when it comes to name. Welton Spottsville sounds like a 19th-century industrialist out of the Robber Baron era. Storm Duck just sounds like an animated movie villain, and this checks out on Twitter:

What are the Heels getting in these two commits?


Vitals: 6’0, 195, Havelock High School (Durham), #46 overall in N.C. on 247, #131 WR nationally.

Spottsville’s commitment came with a little bit of damage control from Larry Fedora and staff, as (this has happened too many times to count) the Heels “offered” but were not prepared to accept a commitment, which the receiver attempted to tender in January.

As Havelock is a big feeder school for Carolina (Avery Jones from the 2018 class comes to mind), securing his commitment helps keep the pipeline open. His teammate, 4* safety Anthony Harris, shunned the state by committing to Tennessee over the weekend, but rumor has it that grades played a role.

As I said, his recruitment was just starting to take off— a recent offer from West Virginia (who churns out highly productive college receivers) was the primary competition for the Heels.

In Spottsville, the Heels get a somewhat raw receiver prospect. The Havelock passing game is almost exclusively bubble screens and seam routes, so he will need to refine his route-running. When he gets separation, it tends to be from DB’s watching the backfield a little too much.

He shows no fear going up and getting balls in traffic, and is a terror with the ball in his hands— moreso with his vision than straight-line speed or quicks.

Long story short, Spottsville is a guy who will need a year or two to refine his skills, but looks like he’ll be a steady weapon with big-play potential in Chapel Hill.


Vitals: 6’1, 180, Boiling Springs HS (Boiling Springs, S.C.), #22 overall in South Carolina, #132 CB.

Look, I’m going to be honest: if the NCAA loosens up player marketing rights AT ALL, I am sliding into this man’s DMs and offering him whatever he wants for a jersey. My dog’s name is Duck. Would that be a little weird? ON MANY LEVELS. Do I care? NOPE.

As with Spottsville, Duck’s summer camp performances were starting to turn heads. West Virginia offered on May 22, and Carolina followed suit on June 4. It stands to reason that they’re not done coming in just yet:

That, my friends, is ELITE speed— and the shuttle time at his height is astounding.

His highlight tape doesn’t show much in the way of eye-popping stats, but it does reveal a few things that have been common among recent UNC DB commits:

  • He is very physical at the point of attack, and is not afraid to lay the lumber;
  • He’s really good at jamming receivers at the line.

With those two traits, his speed allows him to stay in a receiver’s hip pocket if they beat press— though Carolina won’t ask him to do as much of that as his junior film indicates.

A lot of his film is almost too dark to see, and what we do see is a lot of press where he eliminates his man from the play-- defensive backs are hard to scout on the high school level because if they’re good, offenses aren’t throwing at them.

All of that said, this is a guy with elite intangibles who could be an absolute star.

In Spottsville and Duck, the commitment list for the Heels now stands at six. Fedora’s Freak Show is right around the corner, and that is always good for a few commits (and hopefully some big-name ones at that).

Stay tuned.