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UNC PODCAST: 2.02- Jordyn Adams, Stetson, and Kyle Kuzma Probably Sucks

This is a quality podcast.

We recorded early this week, because (knock on wood) we shouldn’t have anything to talk about between now and Friday! If we have anything to talk about between now and Friday, it can’t possibly be good.

EIC Tanya, @TanyaBondurant stopped by, along with Jake Lawrence @therealestrjl, and a good time was had by all.


  • Jordyn Adams and the Los Angeles Angels (formerly of Anaheim)— he’s gone, but a scientific understanding of the draft process can now be possessed by you, the listener.
  • Stetson has HELLACIOUS pitching...but no batters of note. Are the Heels going to Omaha?
  • Who TF is Kyle Kuzma, and what is his beef with UNC?
  • And a decent bit more, but above resides the meat of it.

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