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Join us for Jordan Week 6/11-6/17

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The GOAT.

Michael Jordan

Throughout the course of each of our lives, there are always certain moments that transpire that we hold onto for as long as we possibly can. There are obvious things, such as life-altering events, that are what not only define us but also are the stories that we tell when we are old men and women. There are also things that we experience over the course of our lifetimes, whether it’s a missile launch, a significant government bill passing, seeing a super blood moon, or perhaps the most relevant to each of you reading this, sports moments. Championships, buzzer-beaters, epic touchdown catches, home runs that break statcast, these are all pinnacle moments throughout sports history that each of us have a story to tell about where we were, how we reacted, and what we felt when we saw it. Sports are a beautiful thing, and produce one of the stronger bonds between men and women on this planet.

For me personally, a lot of the best memories when I was a kid was watching Michael Jordan play for the Chicago Bulls. Being a kid from Illinois, I was born and bred a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan, and my love for Michael Jordan is what then made me the die-hard UNC fan that I am today. I had the books, I had the trading cards, I had the posters, I even had the Space Jam action figure that I received from two different people for Christmas. Everyone during that time wanted to be like Mike, and his greatness in the sports and his impact across the globe hasn’t been touched since he hung up his jersey for good.

This week commemorates the 20 year anniversary of Michael Jordan’s sixth and final NBA Championship, as well as his final season with the Chicago Bulls. To celebrate, the Tar Heel Blog staff will be publishing articles throughout the week dedicated to the GOAT himself. We will discuss his impact as a global icon, his best commercials, some of his NBA Finals performances, Space Jam, his time at UNC, and more. We are really excited in getting to re-live the historic career that helped shape the world of basketball into what it is today, and we hope that you will join us in sharing your favorite moments as well.

We as UNC fans have something that nobody on this planet can say or take away from us, and that is saying that the greatest player of all time is a Tar Heel. It has been a true blessing to the entire program that Jordan remains a part of the Tar Heel family with his support through his Jordan brand. He is a man that Dean Smith loved, and one that I know a lot of us love as well. So we hope that you will enjoy the content that will be released this week, and hopefully you will be inspired to get out the pair of retro Air Jordan 12’s and prop up the basketball hoop you stowed away in your garage to practice your favorite Jordan dunks with your tongues hanging out. Wait, am I the only one that still does that? Anyways, we hope you enjoy!