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The best of UNC’s baseball dog Remington’s instagram feed

It’s a slow time of year, so come look at some dog pics.

2018 Crufts Dog Show Day One Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Since first making his debut with the baseball team during the 2017 season, Remington, UNC athletic’s service dog, has gotten a decent amount of press. There have been several posts highlighting him around the internet. He’s helped present awards at the Rammys. The Cleveland Cavaliers have hung out with him. There was even a Washington Post feature about him.

However, most of those stories are a bit old now, and the press about “Remi” has cooled off a little bit. What hasn’t stopped coming are pictures posted on his Instagram account. Since it’s the summer, and there isn’t a whole lot going on for UNC sports (if a major story breaks between writing and when this goes up, apologies for conjuring it), this is a perfect time to take a look through the best of Remington on Instagram.

The College World Series ended sadly for the Tar Heels, but that didn’t stop our good boy from having a nice time in Omaha.

Ball is life.

There are even small stuffed Remington toys available for purchase with the proceeds going to a good cause!

Remi with the reminder to never forget that UNC won the 2017 men’s basketball national championship.

Not my normal dentist, but I’ll let this good boy fill in for this time.

*Dumps entire bowl of candy into Remington’s bag*

Stylish and ready for summer.

This season ended sadly, but let’s hope next year, the Diamond Heels sweep away the competition.

We hope you enjoyed all the Remi pictures, and hey, tweet us or leave a comment of your Tar Heel fan pup. We would enjoy that.