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UNC Football players face suspensions over allegedly selling team-issued merchandise

You know, in case you were thinking maybe things had been too quiet.

North Carolina v South Florida

A number of UNC Football players may miss a chunk of time this season after allegations that they sold team-issued merchandise were self-reported to the NCAA. The players supposedly sold shoes that were given to football players which classifies as an extra benefit and a secondary violation for Carolina.

According to NCAA guidelines, players must repay the benefit and could face up to a 30% withholding of games, depending on the value of the extra benefit. Missing 30% of the season would be the equivalent of four games. That is for violations that exceed $700. This means the number of games each player could be suspended depends on the amount they received in return for the shoes.

University of Georgia’s wide receiver AJ Green missed four games under this policy back in 2010 after he sold a jersey he wore in the Bulldogs’ bowl game.

If there is a silver lining here, it seems as though UNC acted quickly in keeping the issue from getting bigger. Now they must submit their recommended penalties and see if they are approved before we know exactly who will miss what time.

It’s frustrating after stories were just published that UNC was finally free of NCAA scrutiny for the first time in years just earlier this week. Carolina’s football program really needs something to create positive feelings around the team after last season’s disappointment, and this is certainly not the way to do that.