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Carolina Football Opponent Preview: BRING ON WESTERN!

The Heels like symmetry, so they play ECU in Week 2 and WCU in Week...negative 2.

NCAA Football: Western Carolina at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina competes in the SEC-patented SoCon Challenge in Week 11, and I have absolutely no problem with it. Its literally the only thing Carolina does to emulate an SEC football program.

This is probably where I ruin my reputation with readers and state, for the record, that had the ACC gone belly-up in the last round of realignment... I would’ve been mad, nay, distraught. NAY, APOPLECTIC, and a good bit less inclined to follow Carolina sports had the Heels chosen to join the Big Ten over the SEC.

I’ll take it a step further: if Carolina and Virginia (or Carolina and Duke, I guess) joined the SEC East in the next 10 years, I’d be giddy.

As I lack real insight (or much desire to discover it, to be honest) I figured I’d take this opportunity to get myself fired real quick.

2017 Season

Western went 8-4 last year! Trips to play Gardner-Webb, Chattanooga, VMI, Wofford, The Citadel, and UNC totaled 1,189 miles of travel, or 2,378 round-trip. However, they opened the season at Hawai’i, which is 4,470 miles away. So, they traveled nearly four times as far in Week 1 as they did in five more road games combined.

That, my friends, is a stat. And the only one you’ll see cited in this article.

Series History

The Heels won in 2017, 65-10. See for yourself.

UNC O vs. Western D

Still reading?

Don’t turn the ball over. Go up big early. Let Cade Fortin and Jace Ruder get meaningful-ish snaps. Don’t get hurt.

UNC D vs. Western O

Look, I wrote roughly 1,300 words EACH on Carolina’s first ten opponents. Read about those instead.

Cal, ECU, Central Florida, Pitt, Miami, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Duke


Carolina now has ___? wins. Now, go beat State.