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UNC Field Hockey: Preseason Rankings

There are high expectations for field hockey in 2018.

Olympics - Previews - Day -2 Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The North Carolina Tar Heels field hockey team received high marks in both the ACC Coaches Poll and the National Field Hockey Coaches Association.

UNC topped the preseason ACC Coaches Poll. There are seven ACC field hockey teams and the Tar Heels received six first place votes.

Here is the complete poll:

1. University of North Carolina (6)

2. Duke University

3. University of Louisville (1)

T-4. Syracuse University

T-4. University of Virginia

6. Boston College

7. Wake Forest University

In the National Field Hockey Coaches Association Poll, Carolina is ranked second. As a testament to the strength of the ACC, all the league’s teams are ranked in the Top 25. The lowest ranked team in the ACC Coaches Poll, Wake Forest, is ranked no. 14 in the national poll.

Out of the 42 voters, the Tar Heels received 18 first place votes, just one tally behind UConn.

Take a look at the Penn Monto/NFHCA Division I Preseason National Coaches Poll:

1. University of Connecticut (19)

2. University of North Carolina (18)

3. Duke University (1)

4. University of Maryland (4)

5. University of Michigan

6. Penn State University

7. University of Virginia

8. University of Louisville

9. University of Delaware

10. Princeton University

11. Syracuse University

12. Northwestern University

13. Boston College

14. Wake Forest University

T-15. Harvard University

T-15. Stanford University

17. James Madison University

18. Saint Joseph’s University

19. Boston University

20. University of Iowa

21. University at Albany

22. College of William & Mary

23. Liberty University

24. Ohio State University

25. University of Maine

The Tar Heels open their season today versus no. 5 Michigan. This will be the first regular season game in the new field hockey stadium located on Ridge Road on the former Ehringhaus Field site.