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UNC Football: Let’s play some Week One BINGO!

To celebrate the first week of football, THB’s staff wanted to make things interesting.

NCAA Football: North Carolina vs Georgia Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It’s finally here — Week One of college football has begun, and it is time for us all to lose our Saturdays for the next few months. Naturally, UNC kicks off their season against a member of one of the Power Five conferences, the Cal Bears. The Heels flew out to Berkeley earlier this week, and so hopefully they are well adjusted and ready to end this horrendous 0-1 streak that they’ve had for the past several years.

To celebrate the first game of the year (with a hat tip to The Falcoholic for the idea), and to make things a bit more interesting than the game already will be (and trust me, it should be very interesting), the Tar Heel Blog staff and myself decided that it would be a fun idea to play some UNC BINGO. I’m sure everyone knows how the game goes, but if not, Google will gladly assist you in preparing you for what should be a fun game.

A few things to note about this card: I did not think it was wise to add any squares for anything Cal does right, for certain things UNC does badly, or anything that could physically hurt the team. Bad karma is very real, people, and I personally would rather not have any of those events transpire. Also, if you are of a legal drinking age, this would make for a fun drinking game if that is something you enjoy.

Please let us know in the comments below if this is something that you want us to do more of in the future. If so, we can make this happen more in the future. Have fun today, be safe, and I hope everyone enjoys the game!