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UNC Recruiting: Week of 9/10

So... what’s the future looking like?

North Carolina v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

Last week, I said that it was imperative that the ECU game show people that the ugliness on display against California was an anomaly. Unfortunately, on Saturday, it looked like the new normal. Football recruiting might well be rough for a while as UNC prepares for what seems like a near-inevitable coaching change. Basketball news is picking up, though!

Football News

  • By a lot of the 2019 commits’ reactions, at least we can say that next year’s class doesn’t really seem fazed by what can charitably be described as a slow start. All of them who have given word seem to still be high on UNC and what it offers them on and off the field. Hopefully, that remains the case.
  • There isn’t much to report as far as commitment watches or anything like that, though. It’s been a quiet week on that front.

Basketball News

  • In addition to the official visits reported last week, Josh Green, Cole Anthony, and Boogie Ellis have scheduled official visits to UNC. Green will visit during the weekend September 21st (with his IMG teammate Jeremiah Robinson-Earl), Anthony on that of September 28th, and Ellis for Late Night with Roy on the October 12th weekend.
  • Armando Bacot hasn’t announced an OV date, because he wants to be sure it will be on the day that is most conducive to his own (and UNC’s) recruiting efforts. The Tar Heel blood runs strong in this one.
  • Roy Williams’ chief complaint about the NCAA nonsense was that it scared recruits off from even coming to campus, and he often said that if he could just get a guy on campus, he could easily convince him to come to UNC. He’s now earning the best ratio of official visits that he’s had in a while. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Roy is really and truly back.

Football Recruiting Board



Raekwon Anderson
Wide Receiver
5’9, 167 lbs
Charlton County (Folkston, GA)
Three-Star (#1,172 National Ranking)

Giovanni Biggers
6’1, 180 lbs
The Boys Latin School (Baltimore, MD)
Three-Star (#591 National Ranking, #43 Positional)

Storm Duck
6’1, 180 lbs
Boiling Springs (Boiling Springs, SC)
Three-Star (#1,272 National Ranking, #132 Positional)

Brendon Harrington
6’1, 192 lbs
Northwood (Pittsboro, NC)
Three-Star (#1,417 National Ranking, #111 Positional)

Josh Henderson
Running Back
6’0, 200 lbs
Hun School (Princeton, NJ)
Three-Star (#484 National Ranking, #28 Positional)

Kenan Johnson
Defensive Back
5’11, 162 lbs
Lake Minneola (Lake Minneola, FL)
Three-Star (#874 National Ranking, #80 Positional)

Drew Little
Long Snapper
5’11, 230 lbs
North Stanly (New London, NC)
Two-Star (#2,061 National Ranking, #2 Positional)

Kamari Morales
Tight End
6’3, 232 lbs
Lincoln (Tallahassee, FL)
Three-Star (#900 National Ranking, #32 Positional)

Coleman Reich
6’0, 185 lbs
Ledford (Thomasville, NC)
Three-Star (#1,269 National Ranking, #100 Positional)

Asim Richards
Offensive Tackle
6’5, 285 lbs
Haverford (Haverford, PA)
Three-Star (#961 National Ranking, #93 Positional)

Allen Smith
6’3, 205 lbs
Grayson (Loganville, GA)
Three-Star (#1,237 National Ranking, #102 Positional)

Welton Spottsville
Wide Receiver
6’0, 195 lbs
Havelock (Havelock, NC)
Three-Star (#1,106 National Ranking, #131 Positional)

Basketball Recruiting Board



Cole Anthony
Combo Guard
6’3, 184 lbs
Archbishop Molloy (New York, NY)
Five-Star (#3 National Ranking)

Will Baker
6’9, 220 lbs
Westlake (Austin, TX)
Five Star (#25 National Ranking)

Keion Brooks
Small Forward
6’8, 185 lbs
North Side (Fort Wayne, IN)
Five Star (#15 National Ranking)

Vernon Carey Jr.
Power Forward
6’9, 245 lbs
University School (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Five-Star (#2 National Ranking)

Boogie Ellis
Point Guard
6’2, 165 lbs
Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)
Four-Star (#72 National Ranking)

Matthew Hurt
Power Forward
6’9, 199 lbs
John Marshall Senior (Rochester, MN)
Five-Star (#6 National Ranking)

Wendell Moore
Small Forward
6’5, 210 lbs
Cox Mill (Concord, NC)
Five-Star (#21 National Ranking)

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl
Power Forward
6’9, 235 lbs
IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)
Five-Star (#18 National Ranking)

Josh Green
Small Forward
6’6 190 lbs
IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)
Five-Star (#11 National Ranking)



Armando Bacot
6’10, 240 lbs
Trinity Episcopal School (Richmond, VA)
Five-Star (#26 National Ranking)

Jeremiah Francis
Point Guard
6’3, 190 lbs
Pickerington Central (Pickerington, OH)
Four-Star (#51 National Ranking)


Day’Ron Sharpe
Power Forward
6’8 220 lbs
South Central (Winterville, NC)
Four-Star (#70 National Ranking)

(recruits listed in bold are recently commited/offered, while those in italics are somewhat recently committed/offered)