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College Football AP Poll: Week 4

LSU surging, Wisconsin plummeting, and the SEC holds the top 2 spots

LSU v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Make that another terrific week in the young college football season. A top-15 thriller in Jordan-Hare, the biggest upset of the season in Madison, and the ongoing misery of the feckless Florida State Seminoles made for a highly entertaining weekend on the gridiron, despite (or perhaps due to) the lack of Tar Heel football.

Here is how things stand going into Week 4:

AP Top 25

  1. Alabama (58)
  2. Georgia
  3. Clemson (3)
  4. Ohio State
  5. Oklahoma
  6. LSU
  7. Stanford
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Auburn
  10. Penn State
  11. Washington
  12. West Virginia
  13. Virginia Tech
  14. Mississippi St.
  15. Oklahoma St.
  16. UCF
  17. TCU
  18. Wisconsin
  19. Michigan
  20. Oregon
  21. Miami
  22. Texas A&M
  23. Boston College
  24. Michigan St.
  25. BYU

Top Takeaways:

  • The LSU Tigers are on a tear and now own two of the best wins of the season thus far. Their Opening Day beatdown of Miami was a helluva way to get things rolling for Ed Orgeron’s squad and their last-second 22-21 victory over Auburn on the road may be even better. The Tigers started off their season ranked #25 and now have risen all the way to #6. They are back as contenders for the SEC crown and are, understandably, feeling some kinda way about it. The LSU-Bama game might not be the walk in the park it has been in seasons past for the Tide.
  • Wisconsin’s hopes of a College Football Playoff are almost surely dead. The Badgers, previously ranked #6, were knocked off on their own field by the plucky BYU Cougars. Wisconsin’s previously stingy defense was susceptible both in their air and on the ground, giving up six different runs of ten yards or more, and three passing plays over 15 yards. The Cougars make their first appearance in the rankings, coming in at 25. Meanwhile, the Badgers now will surely need to run the table in the Big Ten to have a hope of reaching the CFP and they face both Michigan and Penn State on the road. Good luck with that.
  • Alabama and Georgia may be on the verge of becoming what Alabama and Florida were at the end of the 2000s. They are now ranked 1 and 2 and both seem virtually assured of winning their SEC divisions. Their seemingly inevitable matchup in the SEC title game recalls what Tim Tebow and Co. against Mark Ingram and Co. represented in 2008 and 2009: A Wild-Card game ahead of the postseason. Unless resurgent LSU or plucky Auburn can make waves, a Tide vs. Bulldog rematch will likely be another “Game of the Century”

Top Games to Watch

#1 Alabama vs. #22 Texas A&M on 9/22 at 3:30 pm ET

#7 Stanford vs. #20 Oregon on 9/22 at 8:00 pm ET

Conference Tally

AAC - 1

ACC - 4

Big Ten- 5

Big 12 - 4

SEC - 6

Pac 12 - 3

Independents - 2