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PODCAST: Pitt Wrap, Miami Preview, Quick BB Recruiting Update

Short week, short, rushed podcast.

Yours truly, host Chad Floyd is joined by...

<crickets chirping>


Well, nobody, and its my fault because my schedule this week was wonky. But, YOU STILL GET A PODCAST!

Topics, from an 18-minute ramble I promise not to subject you to again, include:

  • UNC beat Pitt! Again! What did we learn?
  • The basketball team’s big recruiting weekend...and another to come. Are the Heels going to get three 5-star recruits? Four? FIVE?!?
  • UNC/Miami preview, condensed, rambling, succinct.

(Did not discuss the players coming back from suspensions, their impact, or Larry Fedora’s cheekiness about the quarterback position, but do HIGHLY encourage reading our posts on the subject from this week.)

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Go Heels.