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UNC 10, Miami 47: No quarterback to be found

Nothing good to be found.

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

If tonight was meant to acquit Nathan Elliott as a P5 quarterback, it didn’t happen.

If tonight was meant to prove Chazz Surratt was reason for optimism at the QB position, it didn’t happen.

If tonight was meant to be a stepping stone toward Larry Fedora keeping his job, it didn’t happen.

In fact, it’s hard to find much of anything good that happened for the Tar Heels in Miami tonight. Carolina was all out embarrassed offensively throughout the game, allowing the Hurricanes’ defense to take the ball in for three scores. Elliott fumbled the ball away for the first defensive touchdown for Miami. Pick sixes out of the hand of Surratt accounted for the other two.

The Heels looked like a team that was defeated and uninterested. They have to be frustrated, without a doubt, but their unfailing effort was what made last season more palatable despite the number of losses. That kind of effort has not shown up in at least half of the games this season.

If you want to find a bright spot in the darkness, Michael Carter looked great in the run game (75 yards on 7 carries) before needing to be put on a milk carton in the second half. Sound familiar? It should.

Carolina quarterbacks finished the game 20/35 for 114 yards, collectively. Miami only completed eight passes. That’s right, eight. And yet...yeah.

Not sure what else to say, folks. It’s really ugly and really frustrating. Last week I said that it was hard to see light at the end of the tunnel and our friend 86wagstaff noted that there was light and it was an oncoming train. That feels very, very accurate.

At least we get to enjoy our weekend?