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UNC vs. Miami - Player of the Game: Michael Carter

Carter was one of the, if not the only, bright spots in UNC’s trip to Florida.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

UNC’s 47-10 loss to Miami was quite bad. However, the show has to go on, so it’s time to do the player of the game post. Let’s see what we can find in the box score.

While they weren’t the main culprits in this loss, there’s not really anyone on UNC’s defense we can give it to. Sure, they forced a couple turnovers, but they allowed 354 total yards, 10.4 yards per pass attempt, and 6.7 yards per rush. Those numbers aren’t good enough to produce a standout. Reluctantly, let’s check in on the offense.


Yeah, no. Chazz Surratt had a touchdown on the ground, but any good that did was completely wiped out by those passing numbers.

With that being the case with the quarterbacks, there are no receivers that could have done enough to merit getting Player of the Game, even though it’s not remotely their fault.

Hey, what about Freeman Jones? Tar Heel Blog has already given one Player of the Game award to him this year.

Ehh, one out of two field goals isn’t good enough. Also, the one miss came when Carolina was still somewhat in the game.

Let’s check out the running backs, and oh look! A hero has emerged!

Michael Carter ran for 75 yards on the game, getting another five on three receptions. Carter’s 80 total yards accounts for 24% of the Tar Heels’ yards on the game. If we take into account non-garbage time minutes, he accounts for even more. He averaged over 10 yards per rush, and did so mostly when UNC was still hanging around in the game.

Good thing he got zero touches in the second half.