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THB Staff Predictions: Week 2

Most teams aren’t scheduling the hardest games...

North Carolina v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Last week... could’ve been better for us UNC fans. We have a weekend’s worth of coverage detailing exactly how awful it was, so go back and check that out if you like revisiting pain. But did we THB writers find solace in predicting games right? Well... maybe? The nonconference weeks are mostly a cakewalk, with a ton of easy money when we’re picking straight-up and not against the spread. There were a few marquee matchups to call, though... and I failed on just about all of them (#TheUIsDefinitelyNotBack, and wyd Florida State???). Some of my colleagues were either smarter or luckier than I, though, and here’s how the leaderboard stands:

1. Brandon (14-0)

1. Jacob (14-0)

3. Douglas (13-1)

4. Christian (12-2)

4. Joe (12-2)

6. Matt (11-2)

6. Tanya (11-2)

8. Jake (8-3)

9. Akil (10-4)

9. Al (10-4)

All others didn’t get their votes in last week.

This week, it’s even more boring, as basically everybody’s scheduling cupcakes for Week 2. There are a couple of interesting games, sure, like the Pennsylvania rivalry coming early in the season with Pittsburgh and Penn State, or Georgia Tech playing upstart USF. Northwestern and Duke are pretty evenly matched. Other than that, though, get ready for a whole lot of unanimity:

Man, Brandon really lost hope for this team.

UVA has a lot of supporters, including myself, despite being significantly worse ranked in S&P+ and being on the road. I guess we really just don’t like Indiana. Check in next week to see if anything’s changed!