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WEEKLY TAR HEEL 2.06: The Cal Debacle

And also an ECU preview!

A little late in the week, yes, but cross-country travel and Labor Day make things hectic.

Your host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) is joined by regular contributor and voice of reason Al Hood (@albhood) and n00b Jacob Cowden (@JacobCowden28), who has managed to be present for three attempted recordings and finally been part of a successful one. That’s a Chad problem.

We discuss:

  • Positives (yes, they exist) from the Cal game;
  • ...the rest of the Cal game;
  • A Larry Fedora satisfaction/hot seat monitor, of sorts;
  • Well, we can’t possibly lose to ECU, right?
  • Miami, App State, Maryland, and more!

Please join us! In so doing, jump on your iPhone, hit the Podcasts app (I think its automatically preloaded these days), go to Weekly Tar Heel, and click that big ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button. While you’re at it, leave a five-star review and I WILL READ IT ON AIR*, no matter what it says.

*unless its the lyrics to Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much, a joke which was really funny the first time I saw it but pretty hacky the second, friend of the podcast who left the five-star review referenced in this episode.**

**he was looking for attention, and I’ve made the mistake feeding the beast.