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UNC vs. Louisville - Player of the Game: Kenny Williams

He was the best of a disappointing group of choices.

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s loss to Louisville ended up being record-breaking, as it was the worst home loss in the Roy Williams’ era. Not shockingly, because of that, there were not a lot of standout performances on the Tar Heels’ side. By process of elimination more than anything, you’re left with really one person who can get player of the game.

Kenny Williams was by no means great against Louisville. He was also the only player to shoot at least 50% who had more than three shot attempts. (Garrison Brooks, Brandon Robinson, and Brandon Huffman also pulled that percentage off, but Brooks’ three shots was the most among that group.)

Williams led the Tar Heels in scoring, finishing with 12 points on 4-8 shooting. He went just 1-4 from three, but was perfect from the free throw line. One of those free throwa came on an and one early in the second half. That came during a point when UNC was practically turning it over more than getting up shots. He managed to attack and not only score, but also draw a foul, which the rest of the team wasn’t exactly doing. It was something at least.

If you’re looking for another candidate, your next best option literally might be Huffman, who scored four points in his four minutes. It was that kind of game for Carolina.

Saturday was a brutal loss for UNC. The metrics around Louisville show that they’re probably a better team than their record. It’s still an inexcusable loss. Kenny Williams only gets the nod for player of the game because someone had to.

Anyway, anyone want to see a picture of a dog?