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Get your Let’s Get This Work shirt from Breaking T

If you’re as excited as us for football next year, here’s a chance to get this sweet shirt!

The return of Mack Brown for Carolina football has uplifted the spirits of the Tar Heels faithful greatly since it was announced. If fans weren’t excited when it was announced, this video definitely increased the level of excitement around the program to another level:

Near the end of the video, defensive line coach Tim Cross’ passion and emotion generated a lot of excitement inside and outside of the room that day. “Let’s get this work” is a quote that has resonated with everyone, and so our good friends at Breaking T have been kind enough to help us out in creating this amazing t-shirt:

To get your own “Let’s get this work” t-shirt, follow the link here:

We also have more good news: Breaking T also has more of the Return of the Mack t-shirts in stock now in all sizes. If you missed out during the initial release, now is your chance to get both of these shirts to get ready for the football season. You can purchase that shirt here:

If you have never owned a Breaking T t-shirt before, just know that these are some of the softest t-shirts you will ever wear. They make for great gifts, and despite the holidays being in the rearview mirror, it could make for a wonderful Valentine’s gift for that special someone. Go check them out now, and as always, Go Heels!