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Every UNC touchdown through the first 6 games

Having UNC football withdrawal? Take a look at every touchdown from the first half of the season.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina didn’t play this weekend. For the first time in three years, most fans went through some sort of withdrawal. That’s what happens when your favorite team is competitive. To help mitigate your suffering, we’ve compiled every UNC touchdown in .GIF form. Find the ones you like and watch them over and over. Take a few minutes and relive Mack’s opening stanza of his homecoming.

South Carolina

Dyami Brown’s miracle one-handed grab

And another angle.

The game winning fade route to Beau Corrales


Dyami got the fireworks started early with this double move

Javonte Williams found the end zone for his first TD of the year with this hide-n-seek run.

Dazz then finished the comeback in the back corner.

Another fun angle.

Wake Forest

A frustrating result, but a few highlights to reminisce about. First, Michael Carter takes the swing pass in for six.

Then Brown helps the Heels cut the lead to 21-18 after a two-point conversion.

Appalachian State

The most disappointing result of the year also had four touchdowns from UNC, starting with another early strike to Dazz.

Then Carter catches his second receiving TD of the year on a screen this time.

Carl Tucker finally got on the board with his first TD of the season.

And finally, Howell forced his way into the end zone with his first rushing touchdown of the year.


It was a heartbreaker, but the highlights were certainly memorable. UNC is making a habit of early, quick-strike touchdowns. Here Howell finds Brown for another score.

It’s even more impressive when you just watch Brown actually call for the ball and then abuse his defender.

Corrales cuts across the middle to give UNC the 14-7 lead.

And Javonte gets another late UNC TD. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Georgia Tech

North Carolina got back in the win column after a quick trip to Atlanta. It took a little longer than previous games, but Dazz got on the board first, catching this pass in the second quarter.

Quickly followed by Corrales to enter halftime with a 17-0 lead.

Dyami Brown doing Dyami Brown things.

A closer look.

Tight End Garrett Walston got loose up the sideline for his first score of the year.

Finally, Javonte Williams put the game out of reach with the Heels’ final TD of the day.

That’s it. Every touchdown from the first six games of the season. Hope that gets you through your weekend withdrawal, and hopefully we can add to these clips after next week’s game in Blacksburg.