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ACC Football Week 8: Staff Predictions

How are the Tar Heel Blog writers feeling about UNC’s chances this week?

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was fairly hit or miss for our Tar Heel Blog prognosticators. Carolina may have been on a bye, but the ACC was still full of surprises. Those surprises mainly came in the form of Miami upsetting Virginia and Louisville and Wake Forest playing a shootout that ultimately resulted in a Cardinals victory.

One soothsayer, Chad Floyd, accurately predicted all six outcomes. That extended his lead over the field by three games. Evan and Quinton are second with 49 correct predictions each. Akil, Jake, and yours truly are not far behind with 48.

Let’s dig into this week’s picks.

Unfortunately there won’t be a lot of ways to make up ground this week. The Tar Heel Blog staff feels pretty strongly about most of the games at hand. Three games on the slate are unanimous with all our writers picking UNC to beat Virginia Tech, Clemson to beat Louisville, and Miami to beat Georgia Tech.

Outside of those games there is definitely a bit more disagreement. A lot of people feel very strongly about Wake Forest despite their loss to Louisville, but Douglas and Bryson are taking the Seminoles in that matchup. Our staff narrowly believes in State over Boston College, but it’s really close. Most believe that Pitt will emerge victorious, but five still believe in Syracuse.

Agree with our predictions? Think we’re off base? Let us know in the comments below.